Subtle with Quality

Every handles is made with the finest material and passed un-compromising quality check before reaching your hand. Suitable for wood, glass, electrical appliance, machinery, bus and train, applicable for single or face to face installation, Holmes Technimounts handles always surpass your expectation.

Brushing / Polishing

Surface Treatment

Stainless Steel


300mm - 1800mm / 11.8" - 70.9"


25.4mm - 31.8mm / 1.00" - 1.25"


Door Handles

Real beauty goes beyond aesthetics alone. At Holmes Technimounts, from design, material selection, manufacturing method, surface treatment are all carefully selected giving our customer the finest product, uplifting your living quality and turn your bathroom into a stunner.


Attentive to your needs

Our product caters for everyone, especially those in need. Our Accessible Series caters specifically for the physically challenged assisting with the daily life and uplift living quality.

32.0mm - 38.0mm / 1.26" - 1.50"


300mm - 800mm / 11.8" - 31.5"


Stainless Steel



Pattern / Surface Treatment

Straight Handles
Curved Handles
Tube Handles
All Handles

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Service and Support

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